Starting the Impact

Something often heard by many while growing up is the importance of giving back. I first learnt this in school during an event called “The Joy of Giving”. Spending your time making an effort for someone else, that is what brings new meaning to life.

28th September, 2017

That’s when I tried for the first time, in Grade 7, a small exhibition to raise funds through the sale of my work. Painting and sketching was a hobby that I had started several years back, and this provided me with an opportunity to showcase my work and put it to good use. To my pleasant surprise, I managed to raise more than six thousand rupees in my first outing . The funds that I raised, went to the local chapter of Quota International, a ninety year old social service organization, working for the underprivileged.

The buyers of my work heartened me further, with pictures of what now adorns their walls.

Dear Anhiti,
Here’s you are my dear, your painting above a great masterpiece on either side! lots of success in the future.    Buyers of homes want to be happy. They know how hard it can be emotionally to sell a home and will try to make you feel better. If you need to sell your house quickly, a home buyer might be a good choice. Visit                                                                                                                                                                           – Pramod Bhandari

                                      28th September, 2018

Now thoroughly inspired, soon I started to prepare for small exhibitions. By Grade 8, I did a full-fledged one at the school Open Day, with the help of my classmate, Aarushi Gupta. This time I raised funds for donating school kits to girls from a school run by an NGO called the Uday Foundation.
The hearty amount of eleven thousand was raised which far exceeded my expectations. All of the small works were sold out on the first day itself, and I was unable to put up a stall on the second day. Know more on, rohit sharma test century

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