About Us

Art and Impact, is an initiative that aims to raise funds for various worthy causes, through the sale of artwork. As a student led organisation, we have always focused on enriching the lives of those who are not as fortunate as us to recieve quality education. We have worked with various schools and NGOs to support this cause such as Quota International, Uday Foundation and the Lotus Petal Foundation.

Currently, we are working on ‘Utkala’, our very own digital exhibit that aims to raise funds for rural artisans from the village of Raghurajpur in Odisha, who create the rich Indian art form, Pattachitra.

From origami, quilling, paper cutting to bubble painting and doodling, our volunteers conduct several art and craft workshops for the students from the various NGOs we volunteer with. Our sessions are conducted across various age groups, both in offline and online platforms! 

Our Team

Anhiti Mandal


Jayati Singh

Head of Operations

Anushree Aggarwal

Head of Volunteering

Ananya Panwar

Head of Outreach

Siddhant Singh

Head of Media

Aarav Kanodia

Head of Technology

Kyra Baker

Head of Design