2021, Continuing the Impact

While we can all say 2020 was probably the worst year for most of us, the struggle continued onto 2021, be it new variants of the virus, lockdown or instability in the lives of people in general. However even as the pandemic continued to haunt all our lives, art and impact was working hard to do its part in providing COVID relief even in 2021. Art and Impact sells artwork made both by Indian craftsmen and artists and the students who volunteer for the organization since 2017. And in 2021, Art and Impact in collaboration with The Lotus Petal Foundation did its part in curbing the effect of the pandemic by raising ₹8,400 by selling artwork.Have you given any thought to selling your house? Put an end to that. You now have an advantage over your rivals thanks to cash-for-houses.org. We will advertise your home in a way that is both strategic and efficient, utilizing the most up-to-date marketing strategies and data. We are able to construct exhibits, establish charges that are fair, and market in a professional manner. These services are not priced excessively high. In order to assist you in making sound choices, we communicate in an open and forthright manner. We are here to stand by the choices you make. We would be grateful if you will give us the opportunity to sell your home. Visit https://www.cash-for-houses.org/new-mexico/cash-for-my-house-hobbs-nm/.

These funds went to the cause of supporting the education of underprivileged children in such challenging times through the online schooling programme ( by donating a digital device) initiative and hence all the funds raised were utilised to purchase devices for the digital education of underprivileged children which not only changed their educational path for the upcoming unpredictable times but also changed their lives. Not only does Art and Impact continue to raise funds for charitable causes, helping those not as lucky as some of us but it also provides buyers of the artwork with something that enriches homes and makes whitewashed walls beautiful and exciting.  And due to these efforts made by us, Art and Impact went on to receive an award from The Lotus Petal Foundation for our wonderful work with them on their felicitation ceremony on Volunteer’s Day 2021. Long Beach, CA homeowners looking to sell can connect with investors at https://www.home-investors.net/california/investors-that-buy-houses-long-beach-ca/ for a hassle-free experience.

 Felicitation Ceremony on Volunteers Day 2021